Other Journal Papers

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Nanobiophotonics: example of scientific convergence (2009)
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Nonlinear Excitation of Tryptophan Emission Enhanced by Silver Nanoparticles (2008)
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Random fiber laser (2007)
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Random lasers (2007)
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Fiber-reinforced composite analysis using optical coherence tomography after mechanical and thermal cycling (2007)
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Silver nanoparticles in nonlinear microscopy (2007)
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TDFA/FOPA hybrid for broadband amplification and frequency conversion in optical communications (2006)
Multiple, polarization diverse, idler wave generation in fibers from competing four-wave mixing processes (2006)
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Carious growth monitoring with optical coherence tomography (2006)
Characterization of the dental pulp using optical coherence tomography (2006)
800/1060 nm dual-wavelength pumped TDFA using single active pump source (2005)
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Tm3+ and Tm3+-Ho3+ doped fluorogermanate glasses for S-band amplifiers (2005)
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Chemical origin of the native ESR signals in thermally treated enamel and dentin (2004)
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Optical amplifier device for fiber-optical communication system, has laser pump that pumps nonlinear fibers with radiation including pump wavelength positioned outside wavelength interval (2004)
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