Here in the Laboratory of Optoelectronics and Photonics we provide an enjoyable atmosphere to work. Presently, the group has members performing multidisciplinary research under my guidance, besides a number of internal and external collaborators.

TOP (left to right): Bismarck, Serge, Manuella and Marco.
BOTTOM (left to right): Renato, Luis Arturo, Ana Marly, Gabriela, Cláudia, Anderson, Luana,
Luciana, Melissa, Patrícia, Érica and Pablo.
INSET (left to right): Mariana, Andréia.
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The students undergoing undergraduate research, Master or Ph.D research, and pos-docs or fellow researchers are the following:

Associated Researchers
Prof. Renato E. de Araujo, DES, UFPE
Dr. Marco Sacilotti, Physics, UFPE
Dr. Christian Tolentino, DES, UFPE
Prof. Luis Arturo Malagón, Poli, UPE
Prof. Gabriela Queiroz, FOP, UPE
Prof. Ana Marly Maia , Dentistry, UEPB
Prof. Cláudia Mota, ASCES, PE
Prof. Manuella Soares, Dentistry, UFCG

Dr. Mariana Carvalho, Postdoc, Physics, UFPE
Dr. Luciana Melo, Postdoc, Dentistry, UFPE
Dr. Serge Fewo, Postdoc, Physics, U. Yaounde 1, Cameroon
PhD Students
Patrícia Cassimiro, PhD Student, Dentistry, UFPE
Melissa Maldonado, PhD Student, Physics, UFPE
Pablo Riquelme, PhD Student, Physics, UFPE

MSc Students
Luana Osório, MSc Student, Dentistry, UFPE
Érica Borges, MSc Student, Dentistry, UFPE
Juliana Leão, MSc Student, Dentistry, UFPE
Bismarck Lima, MSc Student, Physics, UFPE

Undergraduate (IC) Students
Andréia Caroline

External Collaborators
Cid B. De Araújo, DF,UFPE, Brazil
Leonardo Menezes, DF, UFPE, Brazil
Denise Zezell, IPEN, SP, Brazil
Anderson Zanardi, IPEN, SP, Brazil
Luciana Kassab, FATEC, SP, Brazil
Sidney Ribeiro, UNESP, Araraquara, SP, Brazil
Isabel Carvalho, PUC, RJ, Brazil
Hipolito Kalinowsky, IFCT Paraná, Brazil
Francisco Eroni, UFPI, Brazil
Paras N. Prasad, University of Buffalo, USA
Younes Messaddeq, Quebec University, Canada
Massimo Olivero, Politecnico Milano, Italy
John Girkin, U. Of Durham, UK
Walter Margulis, ACREO, Sweden
Lena Karlsson, Sweden